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Product function: 
- Promote the blood circulation to the scalp
- Protect scalp effective dispel scurf containment, 100% to curb reduce hair loss phenomenon
- Prevent hair loss to send activation of hair follicle cells promote the growth of new hair to strengthen the root of hair follicle tissue
- Promote new hair growth
- Relieve hair greasy itching and hyperplasia of scurf phenomenon, make scalp easily comfortable, reducing the pressure of the scalp.
Ingredients: Wowo pure ginger shampoo contains pure wild ginger essence.
Use for a long time, helps hair growth, effectively restrain trichomadesis 
 How to Use: 
1. Do not pour shampoo on the hair directly, take a suitable amount of shampoo, lather on the hand. If no bubbles form, it may be because shampoo is not wet enough. Dip some water rather than add more shampoo (dirty oily hair long is not easy to blister, Suggestion : wash twice)
2. During the first period of usage, shampooing twice, "Lather, rinse, repeat". The first wash deeply cleanses your scalp and unclog pores. Second wash allowed for product to penetrate into your hair follicles. (after a period of time do not use two times)
3. Wash with slighly cold water. Shampoo works best in slightly cold water. If the water is too hot, it will make your hair dry and itchy
Control Oil: Refreshing after washin hair,Oil Free
Hair Growth: Stimulate hair roots, hair growth fast
Anti-off: Prevention of excessive hair loss
Anti-itching: Help relieve dry and itchy scal
Nourishing: Leave hair soft and lustrous
Damage repair: Prevention of hair breakage,frizzies and split ends, repairing damage hair
Natural plant extract: No Silicone Oil,safe and non-irritation,Healthy & Protect Hair,good effect on postpartum alopecia
Main Ingredients: 
Ginger Juice
Product quantity 300ml