Hair Essential Oil


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~no silicone oil

~lasting fragrance up to 72hrs

~Quickly repairs dry/damage hair

~prevent breakage

~heat damage protection, e.g heating tools

~suitable for all hair types

 Product quantity 100ml

 4 Ingredients and Benefits

~Rose oil - keeps hair moisture, prevent hair from dehydration and promotes blood circulation

~Olive oil - brings moisture back to hair, rich in vitamin A & E and antioxidants, help seals in moisture

~Juniperus commnunis oil - valuable tonic for hair and scalp, improve texture of hair and strengthen hair roots and increase hair growth, prevents impurities from accumulating in hair follicles, prevents acne breakouts.

~Citrus skin oil -great benefits for the kidneys, reduces cellulites, increase skin elasticity, stimulate circulation on scalp thus increase in hair growth, reduces greasy hair