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18” Curly Hair Extensions


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Roxxmetics Classic 5 clip 18inch hair extensions. Made out of heat-friendly matte synthetic hair fibre. 

18” Hair extensions for people with medium to longer length hair, looking to add length or volume. If your hair is shoulder length, we suggest getting 2 sets to blend well and look more realistic.

Roxxmetics Hair Extensions your newest hair necessity. Pre-styled for the ultimate convenience, allowing you to switch up your look in minutes. From clip-in cascading curls to wraparound power Ponies, our hair extensions are available in a variety of dreamy shades - making your #Hairgoals only a click away.

How to Apply: 

Simply section out your hair, pop open the clips on each weft, pinch a bunch of hair, twist it, slide the clip into your natural hair and snap shut to secure. If you have very fine hair, consider teasing the area or use powder to create texture, then clip in. Or simply use bobby pins to secure tightly.

Care Instructions:
Wash with light shampoo and conditioner and leave to dry naturally. Store in hair extensions hanger to avoid tangling. Use a soft bristle brush when brushing/detangling. Heat resistant up to 180 degrees. Our synthetic hair extensions are pre-styled so you can quickly and easily clip in a new style, you can even use your straighteners up to 180 degrees to tweak the strands, but they aren't suitable to be completely re-styled into a new style. We are expanding our range of styles including straight, curly wavy and more, so you can buy exactly the style you want without re-styling.