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Beauty Sponge


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The Roxxmetics Beauty Sponge is designed to meet different makeup application needs.

Use the edges, flat surface and points to ensure seamless application.  

our Beauty Sponge is constructed from high quality Super soft material that takes shape in seconds and feels 2x softer when wet. 

Made from non-toxic and skin friendly material, the sponges are latex-free to reduce allergies. 

Comes with a tin case to store your Beauty Sponge 

Dry use

- Dab gently along with your makeup and bounce along your skin for a natural and flawless finish 

Wet use 

- Our Beauty Sponge features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water allowing the sponge to grow so your makeup sits in top of the sponge rather than being absorbed. This allows you to use lesser product. 


- Wash our Beauty Sponge in warm water using gentle soap. Rinse, then roll it in a clean towel to remove water and moisture, and leave to air dry. Do this once a week and replace every month or so, depending on frequency of use.